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Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration 2022
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Happy Mid-Autumn Festival, wish people a long time

On 10th September in 2022, we had our weely Saturday group meeting. After that, we celebrated Teachers' Day for Prof. Dong, Dr. Cheng, Dr. Tian and Dr. Zhang and thanked them for their care and guidance to help us going through this long and arduous journey. We had a delicious cake together.

For it was also Mid-Autumn Festival for family reunion, some of us enjoyed hotpot takeaway at the kitchen beside our laboratory and it was hosted by Prof. Dong.

Here is a famous poem to share with you:

'Men have sorrow and joy;they part or meet again;

The moon is bright or dim and she may wax or wane.

There has been nothing perfect since the olden days.

So let us wish that man will live long as he can!

Though miles apart,we'll share the beauty she displays.'