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2021 Graduation Season & Dinner
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Best wishes for Dr. An, Dr. He, Sheng and Run!
Wish you splendid prospects!

On 25th June in 2021, we had our 2021 Graduation season. We took commemorative photos with Dr. An and the 2021 graduates, Changdong(PhD graduate), Sheng(Master's graduate) , Run(undergraduate graduate), Xia(undergraduate graduate of the six-year program) and Pushu(undergraduate graduate of the six-year program) .

Hosted by Dr. An, Dr. He and Sheng, we enjoyed the delicious and special Hubei cuisine and expressed our mutual affection at dinner.

As the famous poet Wang Wei said in verse: ' If you have friends who know your heart, distance cannot keep you apart.' Though reluctant to part with Dr. An, Dr. He, Sheng and Run, we are sincerely happy for them to start a new stage of life and believe our friendship all way long.

Best wishes!