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2020 Christmas Lucky Draw!
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Wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

On 25th December, we took the opportunity of Christmas to hold a lucky draw. Everyone got their own gift happily (except Prof.Dong and Jun, the former almost knew nothing about this event and the latter was only able to see it through our Wechat group).

There are something interesting we are glad to record here and share with you.

We had quite a few Christmas style hair accessories in the prize pool. I believe they certainly had a special magic to add extra beauty or cuteness at this Christmas Day. However, Pushu decided to give his antler hairpins to Zhongxin's lion toy without hesitationWhat a sacrifice it is (.
And thank Changdong for providing his hair band for Qijia and Haoting to take these photos.

Qijia and Dangliang both got a pair of coral fleece socks, bear patterns and elk patterns. It made Qijia really entangled whether to ask Dangliang to exchange it or not. Finally, she  gave up and believed her bear ones better.
has no regrets about got a pair of men‘s gloves, which her beloved could wear.

It seems that the gift Dr.An got was one of the most expensive ( if the Christmas tree Zhichao got was not included) . Congratulations!
We believe that Biao has got more than one gift, but unluckily, I am not able to show them here because he hasn't send me any photos yet.

I think this news is long enough now, and I would like to end it with this cute squirrel. May your smile always be as bright as its in the following 2021.