at Peking University School of Pharmaceutical Sciences
​​​​the dong research group
27. An efficient metal-free desulfurization strategy promoted by Togni-II reagent
Chem. Commun., 2023,59, 6513-6516
Jun Zhang, Haiyun Liu,Shuang Teng,Zhiwen Laiao, Lingkui Meng, Qian Wan, and Suwei Dong*

Desulfurization is a versatile synthetic tool in organic synthesis, particularly in peptide chemistry, where it offers an effective conversion strategy for compounds that contain mercaptan groups. In this study, we present a metal-free desulfurization method for amino acids and peptides using a Togni-II reagent as a radical initiator. Our method showed excellent efficiency and extensive substrate tolerance, circumventing the formation of radical adducts caused by VA-044. The obtained results further expand the applicability of Togni-II reagent as a key promotor in radical-based reactions.