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(3) Study the self-assembly of glycopeptides by regulating the molecular structure  and changing the external environment .

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Selected Publications

  • 1. Internal Activation of Peptidyl Prolyl Thioesters in Native Chemical Ligation
  • 2. Recent advances in the preparation of Fmoc-SPPS-based peptide thioester and its surrogates for NCL-type reactions
  • 3. Synthetic studies toward human interleukin-5
  • 4. Traceless β-mercaptan-assisted activation of valinyl benzimidazolinones in peptide ligations
  • 5. Shape linear peptides into rigid rings: a sp3 C–H arylation approach to cyclophane-braced peptide macrocycles
  • 6. Cypemycin Decarboxylase CypD Is Not Responsible for Aminovinyl–Cysteine (AviCys) Ring Formation
  • 7. β-Glucan as an immune activator and a carrier in the construction of a synthetic MUC1 vaccine
  • 8. α-Selective Lysine Ligation and Application in Chemical Synthesis of Interferon Gamma
  • 10. Self‐Assembling Glycopeptide Conjugate as a Versatile Platform for Mimicking Complex Polysaccharides